Joe Biden for Vice President (Again)

There’s a lot of talk going around about a Joe Biden presidential run. From Mareen Dowd’s column detailing his son’s last plea that his father run to rumors cropping up about big wigs being tested for support, it appears there is a fairish chance Biden will run.

That may cause trouble for Clinton. It may not. Certainly Biden could more easily build a broad coalition than Bernie Sanders and he’s got the reputation and recognition that Jim Webb and Martin O’Malley dream of. He polls around 15 percent, which is not bad for a guy who isn’t running. He has Sanders’ authenticity, Clinton’s experience, and the best claim on being able to continue the Obama years.

But he’s also known for bumbling his lines, saying impolitic or offensive things like his boss being “articulate.” Given enough time on the mic, he’s sure to utter something downright stupid. That’s a massive mark against him in an election where Democrats worry the Obama legacy on the line.

And then there’s his age. At 72, he’s younger than Sanders but would still be the oldest president ever to put his hand on the Bible on inauguration day.

There’s no need to worry, though. There’s a better position for Joe Biden in the government: the one he already has.

He is a perfect vice president. Earnest, knowledgable, personable and humble enough to do what’s required. And as VP, the arguments against him quickly disappear. His age is no longer a factor. Even his gaffs make him better, showing he is human and unscripted. You can’t go off script as a president — too much relies on not rocking the boat unintentionally — but it is a good characteristic to have somewhere high up in the administration.

And Biden is perhaps the perfect answer to all of Clinton’s problems. His down-to-earth qualities make him very trustworthy. His lack of riches makes him an obvious hero for the working class, a proof of Clinton’s real desire to take on Wall Street. His past in the region probably sows up the rust belt states.

At the same time, he would provide consistency, a promise that Clinton won’t back down on the fights Democrats care about, like the environment and healthcare.

His positives as a running mate are extensive. His negatives minimal. Biden probably won’t ever be president, but that is because he is too good at what he does. Democrats are right to push Biden to run, he should just run for what he’s already got.


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